About Me

As a potter, I attempt to create functional and unique artwork for the home. Each piece is either, thrown on the potters wheel and altered or hand built from slabs of clay. In my current work I am focused on the form and utilizing it as a starting point for surface embellishment. I love layering colors and patterns with a few robots, squirrels and other woodland friends mixed in. I find inspiration from the constant movement and colors found in nature, textile prints, children’s books and let’s not forget Nancy Drew. I strive for a balance between the purposeful way I apply the multi-color glazes within the pattern and controlling how the glazes soften and flow together during the process of firing.

I work slowly and methodically, because this balance between the form and its decoration is difficult to achieve. I don’t want to create an arena of competition between the two, but to create a dialogue about movement and the graceful intermingling of the form and its surface.

I hand make every glaze from non-toxic and lead free ingredients. Once the work is fired the glazed surface is dishwasher and microwave safe.

Please contact me for more information about my ceramics.